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The Family Curse

The Family Curse

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The Family Curse: Two cousins bound by a family curse are on a collision course that will ultimately lead to drugs, greed, murder, and pride. Jake, head of the Johnson crime family and Shannon Johnson were bound by blood and loyalty as far back as they could remember. Jake is well known as ‘Mr. Untouchable’ to those on the street.
One day as Jacinta, Jake's wife takes their son, Little Jake to school they are shot.

Little Jake is left clinging to life. Jake believes that his rival, 'Tone' is the culprit and in retaliation Jake sends his right-hand man and childhood friend, Mike to kidnap Tone's wife, JaRonda. Revenge is eminent and all his plans are in place. Jake is visited at the hospital by an old family friend, Bishop Walker. Bishop Walker warns Jake to turn the situation over to the Lord. Bishop ministers to Jake and tries to get him to see that if there is any hope for his son, he must let go and let God. This is the only way for the family curse to be broken.

Later Jake is given the news that Tone isn't the shooter but that it is someone in his inner circle. After receiving that devastating news, Jake loses it. Fueled with anger and pride, he makes up his mind that the double crosser must pay with his life, or will he have a change of heart to save his son and break the family curse?

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