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PAW Flag

PAW Flag

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During the 1995 PAW Summer Convention Dist. Eld. Gregory Irvin, presented a PAW flag design to the Board of Bishops and gained approval to institute his design as the official PAW Flag. The sentiment of the flag notes the PAW as a tried and proven organization, standing for holiness, pointing to the cross and reaching out to man. The colors note:

  • God in Divinity - (1 Peter 2:9) - Purple is the color of royalty and we are the children of the King Eternal.
  • God in Humanity - (Ephesians 1:3,7) - Red symbolizes the redeeming blood of Jesus.
  • God in Refinement - (1 Peter 1:7) - We are made through our trials, refined in the fire to come out as pure gold.
  • God in Holiness - (Isaiah 1:18) - Holiness is God's truest state , man's becoming state. Holiness is our goal.
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